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The nail it down pitch deck and investor presentation template

Investor presentations have to be catchy, concise and yet informative, covering certain basics.

The pitch to the investor is the ultimate sale for the founders. Investors are a startups most prized customers: They buy the shares. And repeat investors, as repeat customers, speak a lot to future investors.

There are many resources available and founders should do their homework before pitching. In addition to preparing a stellar presentation, founders should also study the investor and make sure they are pitching to the right investor with the right angle. Investors are bombarded with hundreds of pitch decks. You will stand out if you can tell the investor exactly why it is them that you want as an investor in your company, and how their presence and experience, not just investment, will add value to your business.

Here are our two cents, the Alethina Investor Presentation Template, on how we think you can make a successful pitch.


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