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Rockstars at EIT Food Innovation Prizes

I had the pleasure of taking part as jury member in this year's EIT Food's Innovation Prizes in Turkey. The event was organized in partnership with Turkey's very own Foodback which aims to cultivate innovation in the food industry as a means to improve sustainability in the world.

8 amazing startups competed for the three prizes. All with very innovative ideas ranging from using ozone as a shield to protect plants without using chemicals (EN/IO) to invention of plant based, biodegradable AND affordable fresh food containers as an alternative to plastic (SoluBlue).

As times are changing and individuals are becoming more conscious of the pressing problems of the globe, it is very exciting to see young entrepreneurs put their efforts into building companies not just for the sake of making money but to make an impact on the world. True to Alethina's mission, we are looking forward to working with the candidates of yesterday's demo day and others who are mission driven.


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