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Better together

Do you want to be part of the impact revolution?

Let's work together to harness the power of smarter investment, purpose driven entrepreneurship and partnerships to make the world a better place.

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We enjoy working with partners; be it companies, investors, foundations or other impact actors.  

We invest, we build and we advise.


Regardless of our type of involvement, what we bring to the table is our passion, belief in the impact revolution, our network and experience in management, investing and growing companies.

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We believe in the power of impact investing and entrepreneurship.

The fastest and most sustainable solution to today's increasingly complex and difficult economic, social and environmental problems is to increase the positive contributions of the private sector and reduce its negative impacts.

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Everyone can create impact!

In order to maximize private investment's contribution to solutions, we work with investors, corporations, foundations, DFIs, and startups.


We design impact strategies, structure investment opportunities and execute them.  We advise senior leadership to help them effectively and efficiently pivot businesses to today's imperatives.

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Türkiye's First Outcomes Based Contract

We contributed structuring and execution of Türkiye's first outcomes based contract, İstanbul Kodluyor, wİth Bridges Outcomes Partnership as the investor and Istanbul Development Agency & Türkiye's Ministry of Industry and Technology as the outcome payer. The contract focused on employment of NEET youth in high value ICT jobs.

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Proud to work with

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About Us

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“We are passionate about impact investing and what the human potential can achieve.  Join us in our pursuit to combine investment, entrepreneurship and purpose to show what we can do together to make the world a better place.”

Can Atacık, Founder

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